Laveno Fly

a strategic point for paragliding flights

Home to 2 flying clubs and a school, Laveno has always been a strategic point for paragliding flights, also thanks to the generous thermals and splendid cross-country flying opportunities.

From Laveno you can easily reach two take-off points, one of which is particularly suitable for tandem paragliding (a secondary peak of Monte Nudo at an altitude of 1,115 meters, with a vertical drop of 885 meters).

The Sasso del Ferro and Monte Nudo are part of a sequence of peaks which offer many thermal currents which, in spring, can take you above 2,000 meters of altitude, giving ideal conditions for beginners and experts, with enormous potential for cross-country flights. These take-off sites cannot be used in case of wind from the north.

On the shores
of Lake Maggiore

The view during a flight experience in Laveno is breathtaking. Lake Maggiore, Monte Rosa and the pre-Alps and, on clear days, even the city of Milan.

The landing field is easy to reach by car and has ample parking, a bar for quick refreshments and an equipped play area.
Surrounded by nature, at the foot of the peaks of Sasso del Ferro and Monte Nudo, the area has services for fun and chill.
Its width makes the field the perfect place for safely landing paragliders and hang gliders.
Nearby are the Laveno and Cittiglio railway stations, as well as the cycle and pedestrian path that connects the two municipalities.

Convenient for those arriving by car, train or boat, Laveno is also perfect for spending the rest of the day in a suggestive location on the shores of Lake Maggiore. With its shops, bars and restaurants overlooking the lake, even a quiet walk through the streets of the center becomes an indelible memory.
From the center of Laveno it is also possible to easily reach the summit of Sasso del Ferro with a journey of about 15 minutes in a cable car with open baskets, ideal for enjoying the splendid panorama