Laveno Fly

Everything you have to know about paragliding

The tandem paragliding with LavenoFly is suitable for everyone (children and adults of any age, with or without experience). No physical preparation or sporting aptitude is required. Even people with disabilities can try a sport such as paragliding, after an evaluation directly with the pilot.

There may be only some limitations depending on the weight of the passenger, so we ask you to notify us of your weight and height when you contact us, so we can assign you the most suitable paraglider and equipment for you!

We also ask you to report any heart problems, disabilities, and any surgery (even if from a long time ago) in order to evaluate together the feasibility and characteristics of your flight experience.

It is not necessary to purchase specific technical equipment.
It’s enough to wear:
– Mountain boots or trekking shoes
– Long and comfortable clothing according to the season
– Windproof jacket (k-way)
– Gloves
– Sunglasses (recommended but not essential)

All the rest is provided by LavenoFly!

– Technical briefing
– Transfer by shuttle
– Fly
– Paragliding equipment rental (wing, helmet, harness)
– Insurance
– GoPro video

We meet at the landing field at the scheduled time, from where the shuttle takes us to the take-off place on Monte Nudo.
After an initial briefing and the move to the mountain, it starts to get serious.
You put on the harness and as soon as the conditions are right you can take off.
We position ourselves, facing downstream, with the wing ready.

We take the first two steps by walking and the wing inflates above our head. Then it’s time to run. Finally the feet come off the ground and what you experience from there on is indescribable in words.

The standard flight itself, from take-off to landing, can last about 15/20 minutes (it all depends on the weather conditions).
The flight experience, however, begins already at the meeting point, where you can learn the first notions of paragliding and begin to become familiar with the equipment.
After the briefing and moving to the take-off place (about 30 minutes in total) you are ready to go.

The entire flight experience therefore requires at least an hour and a half. However, if you have to plan your day, we recommend you to reserve at least 2 hours to cope with any unforeseen waiting or events.

Of course, but people who come with you cannot follow you until take off. They will have to wait for your return to the landing point, where there is also a bar with toilets, a large green area and the lake 2 kilometers away (a few minutes by car).
Yup! The best season for paragliding is summer, due to the mild climate and the thermals that keep you aloft. But it is possible to fly in any season, even in winter.
It is not possible to take off in case of rain or wind from the north. To fully enjoy the paragliding experience, a sunny day with little wind is preferable. But you won’t have to worry about the weather. We will keep in touch until the last and, if it is necessary to postpone the flight experience, we will notify you.